Advance Cyber Malware Technology

France Research Centre offers Advanced Malware Research by Creating Next Generation Malwares, New Malware prototypes to ensure a Safe Digital Security in 21st Century Advance Cyber Warfare. Elevating National and Strategic Operational Digital Safeguards in 21st Century Cyber warfare

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Multi Domain Military Technology

France Research Centre offers its state of the art, next generation Artificial Intelligence powered Integrated Multi Domain Warfare Platform. To secure our collective security and way of life in a complex- hybrid lightning speed threat environments. The Multi Domain Platform is a technological leap in a “Capability versus Capability” 21st century era.

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France Research Centre offers its METAVERSE 4.0, the next Generation Metaverse Platform with Multiple Industry Segment applications:

  • Healthcare Metaverse
  • Military Metaverse
  • Naval-Shipping Metaverse
  • Drone Metaverse
  • Construction -Property Metaverse
  • Education Metaverse
  • Agriculture Metaverse

An Ecosystem of next generation Augmented Capabilities taking Digital Twins creation to next level of on ground use applications.

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